Nutritional Education For Central California

Visalia, California

Healthy Visalia Nutritional Education
Walking, as exercise, has the LOWEST failure rate of ANY type of exercise, according to the AHA. Some of the benefits of walking:

  •  Low impact
  • Easy on the joints
  • Great exercise for patients with orthopedic patients
  • Optimal exercise for people with heart conditions
  • Suggested by physical therapists for those who are over 20% over weight

For each hour of walking, it is possible to gain 2 hours of life! Even an enjoyable stroll around beautiful Visalia is a great form of exercise!

Nutritional Education & Exercise Resources:

Walk with a Doc is an active walking program which helps with incremental steps to a healthy lifestyle. There are programs nationwide, and there is a very active chapter right here in Visalia California. There are other programs all throughout Central California.

Nutritional Education in Bakersfield and Central California has great tips for dietary students at CSU/Bakersfield, Taft College, and for anyone interested in learning more about a career in nutrition, as well as a wealth of information on diabetes. They also have a great guide for students interested in how to become a nutritionist.

American Heart Association has been the de facto resource for all things heart related for MANY years! They offer class for CPR, First aid, and other health-related classes that benefit not just Visalia, but the entire Central Valley.


Nurses often ask, “Are online LVN programs in California valid?”

There is a difference between certification and a certificate. Certification is recognition of your work or educational achievement to assist you in communicating with your colleagues, clients, and prospective employers, and to help avoid confusion in the marketplace. A certificate is an official document affirming some fact. For example, a birth certificate testifies to basic facts regarding a person’s birth. A certificate may also certify that a person has received specific education or has passed a test or series of tests depending on the certification. California’s Board of Vocational Nurses has made clear that online LVN programs in California are typically not valid.

The California Board of Vocational Nurses sets standards for certification of its members. BVNPT seeks to protect the public and consumers through our mission to provide assurance to the public that the nurse holding our certification possesses the knowledge, skills and competency for quality practice in the specialty. Unlike many certification programs being offered by colleges and private educational providers, the BVNPT. certification program is practice-based. It is not intended to teach individuals how to become experts in their practice. Rather, it is designed to measure a nurse’s “knowledge-in-use” – the application of knowledge and skills by those with real-life experience in this role. BVNPT offers it’s members the recognition as “experts” in the areas of: wound care, intravenous therapy, legal nurse consulting, quality improvement, infection control, unit management, nursing management, executive nurse management, geriatric nursing, home health nursing, nurse educator, and school health nursing.

The Center offers a wealth of resources to help you plan your career and to age as well as is possible. The information on this site has been researched to cover common challenges that nurses may face in their careers and as they become older, including health and financial challenges.

Self-assessment tools are provided to allow you the opportunity to evaluate your individual goals. Information on this site will benefit you at any stage in your career–whether you are just entering the nursing workforce or preparing for retirement.